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Hire a Coach or Choose Self-coaching

Here’s some guidance based on different goals and tri classification to consider in answering of hiring a coach or self-coaching:

Coach No Coach Goals.jpg

Questions with two polarized answers, like the one you are asking, generally will prove both answers correct over time, just not at the same time. See the box below and evaluate whether you are more in the “This” section on the Hired Coach side or the Self-Coached side. That will serve as guidance for your best answer today. Over time though, your updated evaluation will reveal that you faltered, or dropped into either of the “Not This” boxes. In changing behavior, people will most likely switch to the “This” section on the opposite side to reap the benefits of the other solution. To best benefit over a tri career, people should strive to stay in either of the two “This” sections. The green arrows represent the concept in a going back and forth action. Their shallowness represents to recognize the possible impairments of either option and switch before hitting the bottom.

Coach No Coach Pmgt.jpg

Think of breathing. Which is best, breathing in or out? They both have pros and cons; however, nobody can do these simultaneously. Being coached or coaching yourself is no different. 

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