ABOUT palm trees ahead


HOw the Triathletes Benefit:

Palm Trees Ahead Contributions:

  • Knowledge from coaching and racing experiences

  • Insights on training and racing to make you faster in less time

  • New ways to reach your goals


Palm Trees Ahead Commitments:

  • Open your mind to the possibilities of improvement across silos.

  • Jointly develop a journey with a discipline to:

    • Set clear goals

    • Develop superior skills

    • Measure progress objectively

    • Discuss periodically

  • Jointly define a plan to make your successes along the journey into a sustainable legacy.

  • Coach with guidance and feedback for physical, mental, emotional and sustainable content.

  • Give something back to the team and special needs community.

Palm Trees Ahead jointly addresses opportunities to:

  • Reach your full potential

  • Increase your motivation

  • Define clarity

  • Tailor workouts that meet your specific situations

  • Achieve athletic confidence

  • Continually learn in sport, business, and life



Palm Trees Ahead unique offerings include:

  • Tailored workouts

  • Funneling process to focus on the most important areas to reach faster quicker

  • Customized by client 14 Point Proprietary Bonds of Performance




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Tri 50 States  Triathlon Workouts  Coconut Workouts Palm Trees Ahead
Tri 50 States  Triathlon Workouts  Coconut Workouts Palm Trees Ahead

Doug Morris

Coach of Exceptional Outcomes

Palm Trees Ahead, LLC

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