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How to boost your Tri emotional Quotient

Why Emotional Quotient Matters

Your ability to recognize and regulate your emotions will make you swim, bike, and ran faster.


  • Representing my Country

  • Show your sense of humor for relief

  • Sense of Achievement

  • Status

  • Belongingness

  • Show your commitment

  • Smiles

  • Find your happy racing place

  • Remember the pain and use as motivation for prevention.

  • Don't take yourself too seriously

  • Expect things to turn out well. 

  • Experience progress

  • To compete

  • On-going motivation

  • Achieve objectives

  • Reduced anxiety

  • take responsibility

  • Pain never felt so good until after the race

  • Displays appropriate behavior

  • Race with your mantra

Metrics to measure effectiveness:

  • Tri Club Member?

  • # of races representing country

Tasks to perform in achieving key deliverables:​

  • Relaxed before & in race

  • Breathing hard after working hard to be relaxed – polarity management

  • Overcome fears by controlling emotions. Focus on the watch, it's steady as you go!

  • Learning to go fast on skinny tire will test any new comers confidence

  • Do what excites you

  • Learn from setbacks

  • Enjoy the training, the races, the Journey, the sport & life

  • Think about race and training outcomes

  • Do something everyday towards your goals

  • Recognize publicly confidence & support in others

  • Be an ambassador to the sport: volunteer, introduce other racers to each other, thank volunteers, support sponsors before/during/after races.

  • Be gracious, not arrogant

  • Acknowledge and seek your purpose in life to align with triathlon motivation. 

the hows, whats, and whys of your tri emotional quotient
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