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Why Healthy & Safe Matter

Safety matters we want to return home as injury free as we started the day.


  • Adopt clean behaviors

  • Appropriate rest

  • No accidents from equipment failure.

  • Go home at EOD as safe as the start

  • Safe training and competition

Metrics to measure effectiveness:

  • Zero injuries

  • Zero wrecks

  • Zero illness

  • Zero deaths

  • No dehydration

  • No bonking

Tasks to perform in achieving key deliverables:​

  • Test equipment before using

  • Replace old equipment

  • Clean equipment & clothing to manufactures standards

  • Perform preventive maintenance on equipment

  • Follow traffic laws

  • Never run a RED light

  • Drink fluids

  • Use sun screen

  • Sleep to body's needs

  • Use appropriate back & front lights

  • Wear reflective workout gear

  • Obtain appropriate vaccinations for foreign races

  • Replace old plastics

  • Check kit before each race

solutions to your problems:

How to be

healthy & safe

the hows, whats, and whys of tri health & safety
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