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How to Maximize support

Why Support Matters

In supporting others, you support yourself. 


  • Race with SIGO

  • Race with family member

  • List of support staff

  • Skills to retain support team

  • Travel arrangements

  • What RD, Spectator, Volunteer or Sponsor loyalty earned, confirmed or disappointments? 

  • Too much time away from family/work

  • Not getting family involved….

  • Life balance

  • Smiles

  • More people want to hang with you

  • Give thanks to family & friends

  • Leadership or organization positions here that aren’t yet available at work

Metrics to measure effectiveness:

  • $$$ spend on support team

  • Turnover or staff change #'s

  • Amount of $$$ raised

  • Your happiness rating

  • How many people in the posse

Tasks to perform in achieving key deliverables:

  • Respect, return Sigo support

  • Identify Org Chart of support staff

  • Celebrate with support team

  • Identify race destination for support team

  • Ask questions to coach & teammates

  • Ask questions at pre-race meeting

  • Raise money for charity to complete in races

  • Solicit input from  support personnel

  • Smile more

  • Listen to support personnel & peer group

  • Seek people's help for your Journey

  • Compete as team member for country or club

  • Become USAT representative

  • Develop enhance support structures

  • Foster positive persona/family relations through private and social activities away from the sport

  • Meet with coach and teammates to ensure appropriate plans

the hows, whats, and whys of tri support
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