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10 Others Who Benefit You Emotionally on Race Day

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

You packed your emotional baggage well if others join you in a mind meld on race day. Each one will benefit you over the race course from the starting air blast to your arrival announcement across the finish line.

Do you know who each person is and their role for the day?

Without them you may not experience that race of the season you trained so hard for to reach. Each person serves a specific purpose in your race day performance. Recognize their roles and invite them in your mind for all your races.

Here are ten people to pull you through on race day no matter the circumstances:

  1. Your sigo – they encourage you, feed your passions, and maybe even trained with you. A sigo gives unconditional stability. Honor that it’s a two-way connection.

  2. Your family elders -- they passed on the best genes possible, influenced your early boundaries, and launched you for success in the outside world. Never perfect. Always what they thought best. Honor their accomplishments.

  3. Kids – sometimes yours, maybe a niece or nephew, or neighbor's. Someone is always looking up to you. Be their role model in the racing world.

  4. The coach -- apply wisdom shared with you throughout your relationship. Remember everything said. Sometimes the best information for a race is not recognized when passed on in training.

  5. Any coach – each one in your life influenced you to stay active, be competitive, and do well. Honor their combined contributions.

  6. Your employer -- who indirectly funded your athletic endeavors