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10 Questions to Ask Before Switching Coaches

As General Manager of your triathlete self, how do you know when to choose a new coach?

Training the same way with the same coach over multiple seasons will likely prevent you from maximizing your triathlon performances. Switching to a professional triathlete’s coach may not align with your time availability nor provide you with the level of attention desired.

Choosing a new coach based on costs does not always give you the return expected, especially when the coach is part of business where the owners take a chuck for their overhead and return none of their tri expertise. Finally, if you choose your buddy’s coach, what benefit do you get in return that is unique to you to finally beat your buddy after watching his backside for far too any years?

Ask an expert about triathlon coaches

Researching your potential coaches through a series questions to various people, like you would ask when considering changing to a new job, will boost the likelihood of your performances to reach or exceed your tri goals.

Here are 10 mind-opening questions to ask before deciding on a new coach:

  1. What capabilities do you align with of the people already being coached? Consider speed strength, confidence, equipment, and other items based on your priorities.

  2. What’s the worse outcome you can think of by switching coaches? Possible setbacks on race results, uncomfortable in workout plans, not learning new skills or improving existing ones.

  3. What do you like most about your current coaching situation? Status quo, comfortable, ease of communication style, or is there something so unique it will be missed if not replaced?