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10 Successful Action Steps to Race Faster at your Next Tri

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Are you uncertain about the best actions to perform to be a faster triathlete?

You're probably are already working on your tri training.

Training is like the ante to the sport. If you want to bluff your way to 1st Place, then you’re in the wrong spot.

Go play poker in Vegas with the odds in favor of the house. If you want to stay in the pot with a strong tri hand to play, then keep reading. Here are 10 action items to adopt to go fast:

  1. Start boldly with your first stroke, spin, and stride. Triathloning is not for the timid. Take leaps and bounds towards a successful endeavor. Gain confidence, experience, and expertise as you train and race.

  2. Fit in with your tri culture, then lead changes as your experiences and capabilities allow. Becoming one with the culture indicates your commitment to the sport. Choose items that boost your speed across disciplines including new training workouts and innovative equipment.

  3. Define your journey with detailed milestones, then celebrate as you reach each one. Big undertakings defined in segments, encourages measured progress along the way. Also provides feedback about staying on target or at worse, getting lost. Celebrations emphasizes everyone’s accomplishments are worth everyone’s effort along the journey, instead of only at the end. Milestones can be specific races, distances, times, dates, or other objective measureable items with actual results measured to pre-determined targets. Celebrations should be meaningful and motivational to continue along your journey.

  4. Assign blocks of your time to significant workouts, then show up on time and end the workout on time. Easier to commit to action when time is already on your calendar instead of a pending item on someone’s “To Do” List. Set up specific times on your calendar. Be consistent in your commitment to perform what is needed to reach your objectives and reach journey’s end.

  5. Learn the nuances of the sport, then use your new knowledge to improve your race performance. At big races you may find no opportunity for a swim warm-up. Instead, run to break a sweat and power up the lungs before getting in your wetsuit and in the starting queue. Also, race without socks for quicker transitions in sprint and standard distance races.

  6. Connect with key people who influence you to perform better. Think of club mates, family, sigo’s, coaches, RD’s, sponsors, spectators, and your competitors. The combined power of teams will always exceed the strength of one. Then return the favor with your support in their initiatives.

  7. Compete with confidence, authority, and decisiveness. This will boost your performance results and interest level in the sport. Think to yourself that you do belong at this championship race. Opportunities reveal themselves quickly during races. Be prepared to make decisions to gain advantages as you generate your own opportunities.

  8. Choose wisely when you take calculated risks as your benefits will pay exponentially. Map out ahead of time tactics for probable race situations. Understand cause and effect relationships with potential benefit payouts such as wind direction, topography, and key competitors passing you or you passing them along the race course.

  9. Take responsibility for your own bottom-line of race results. No one else will assume them in your place. This includes proper training to be race ready. Arriving at race sites with appropriate equipment. Develop a tactical race plan then show-up ready to execute on it during your race.

  10. Choose what you learn from others. Focus your time investment on those that return your best gains. Talk to others about specific races. Observe how top triathlete race. Expand and fine tune your development of triathlon specific skills. Listen. Observe. Practice. Apply. Revise. Refine. Race.

Adopt two or three items now. Continue to add more actions as your training progresses. At the start of your next race commit to the finish line, then recognize how these action items improved your race times.

What additional actions did you incorporate to boost race times?

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