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10 Triathlete Drop-out Temptations. And How to Purge Them From Your Mind!

Updated: May 3, 2018

Are you tempted not to race in next month’s triathlon?

Push out the decision. Procrastinate.

Don’t allow temptations to derail you from showing up at the starting line of your next race.

Maybe these issues keep you up at night or worse, preoccupy your mind during the day:

  1. Inconsistent workouts.

  2. Too much pain going on your body.

  3. You want to race but life keeps getting in the way.

  4. Your family doesn’t relate to what you want to achieve as a triathlete.

  5. Getting race fit is harder than you expected.

  6. The weather sucks.

  7. You experience more surprising barriers than surprising breakthroughs.

  8. Your workout partners became ex-workout partners.

  9. You’re not as fast, strong, lean, and determined as you want to be. And you don’t know how to close the gaps between your goals and your current reality.

  10. Commitment pressures between work, family, and fun RIGHT NOW eclipsed the delayed gratification of completing a race.

Keep reading to learn about how to overcome these temptations in order to cross the finish line at your race next month rather than next season.