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11 Reasons for a Tri Coach This Season

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Let’s exam your training regimen for alignment in how you learn, apply, and achieve results in triathlon and life.

Coaches are the set-up people of sports: Kerr, Belichick, Torre, Jackson, Madden, Knight, Lasorda, Brooks, Wooden, and so many others.

All led different personnel to multiple championships. Think of all your possible accomplishments with the right coach.

Since you’re already over 18 years old you matured enough to realize you don’t know it all. Coaches and mentors teach, push, pull, and deliver people to the starting point of their greatest opportunities in life. Let’s explore how you know if you’re ready to capitalize on those unique opportunities for the best accomplishments of your life in sports.

  1. You give a damn about delivering on your maximum potential race performance.

  2. You understand the value of personalized feedback.

  3. More information opens up awareness to greater experiences.

  4. A coach can provide guidance in how to best utilize the pressures and stresses you feel as an athlete.

  5. An accepting attitude is always an energizer in every endeavor you participate in your life.

  6. Fast and ignorant is not the best long-term race strategy.

  7. Your race performance improves as does your preparation activities.

  8. Every day is an opportunity to learn, with race days being a daily double.

  9. Allow time in your schedule to learn as no one is ever too busy or too much of a know it all to miss an opportunity for race improvements.

  10. Ignoring coaching is usually harder than learning from it.

  11. Learning from others develops your skills to learn from yourself.

Realize, superior coaching is more than a workout. Ted Haydon coached the US Olympic Track team twice.