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9 Tactics to Get Over the Sucky Parts of Triathloning

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

A pessimistic triathlete will always dwell on the sucky aspects of the sport. Everyone else knows these exist but focus their experiences on the thrill of triathloning to enjoy the benefits of the sport.

If you’re more of an half-empty glass kind of triathlete that generates negative thoughts about your endeavors, then fully fill your water bottle by using these nine tactics to get over the sucky parts of triathloning.

  1. Realize a sucky day of triathloning beats a great day of fishing!

  2. Learn the subtle parts of triathloning like your personalized support structure, teamwork, training, discipline, fine tuning nutrition, and race selection strategy to experience the best of what the sport offers to participants. Apply knowledge frequently to get the most out of the sport.

  3. Recognize pain, setbacks, awkward positions, travel delays, and unexpected events happen in triathloning but showing resolve in sport can also be leveraged to address similar issues elsewhere.

  4. Accept the “suck” as part of success, no whining allowed.

  5. Learn from disappointments by modifying actions, demonstrating adaptability, and delivering improved results at future races.

  6. Hone required complimentary work soft skills such as building relationships, managing disagreements, and leveraging networks. Try different approaches in a triathlon environment to determine optimal methods. Any off-kiltered approaches can be modified with minimal collateral fallout that may be a lot worse to develop in the workplace when a screw-up would be a fatal career set-back.

  7. Embrace the discipline of challenging workouts that yield strong minds, emotional levelness, and great body.

  8. Acknowledge the self-inflected pain of a hard effort is temporary and your achievements last for a lifetime of relaxing memories.

  9. Celebrate that expe