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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Go Big in Triathloning Because Sweating is Part of the Program

Were the unknown worries of an upcoming race ever as unforgiving as the worse possible outcome? Doubtful. Why does a person worry more about finishing a race that she’s fully trained and prepped for than resting comfortably for her race warm-up to begin?

Run these nine tactics through your mental shrinking ray gun machine to convert self- perpetuating big worry problems to nothing but the small stuff not worthy of a sweat:

Ironman Utah triathlon Rug Leg
Doug Morris finishing at Ironman Utah triathlon

  1. Refrain from hunkering down to let stuff overrun you. Retreat. Re-group. Step-up. Move-on. Never surrender.

  2. Recognize that frustrations are the negative side of your most positive passions. Anything in between is small stuff.

  3. Acknowledge familiarity of major disappointments and remember what you did to get out of them before.

  4. Re-focus on your desired grand prize. Recognize there are interim milestones, mostly small stuff, to achieve before the big prize becomes attainable.

  5. Stay true to behaviors that align within your guiding principles -- small stuff that comes naturally to you. Thinking outside of social norms to gain an advantage creates anxieties. Big stuff -- if something feels wrong, it probably is wrong.

  6. Reconnect with your training and race plans to perform with purpose.

  7. Engage with a new zeal to overcome big stuff set-backs.

  8. Initiate forward movement while leaving the disappointments behind.