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Everything (Else) I Learned About Triathlons, I Learned from My Kids

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

When kids showed up at our house without instruction manuals, I never imagined how much they would teach me about triathloning.

How much did you start understanding more about your parent's influence on you in sports once your own kids entered your life? Ask yourself, “What can my kids teach me about triathoning?”

No kids? Then think about your nieces or nephews. Maybe your newly identified role models live with a slightly older, but are now past friends that temporary fell out of your social circle. That is... until their kids age up or you produce kids of your own.

Kids and their behavior make more sense than given credit since we discount their wisdom for lack of maturity. What they lack for in words, they make up for in their actions. During observation of my kids, I learned the following about triathlons:

  • It’s okay to sleep like a baby, especially after a hard work-out or race.

  • It really is okay for other people to write stuff on your body with ink.

  • Onesie’s make great uni-body race suits if found in the right size.