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Everything I Learned About Triathlons, I Learned from My Parents

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Parents know more about life and sports than given credit by their kids. I didn’t realize their knowledge and wisdom of triathloning until reflecting back on their contributions to my sports career.

Not sure your parents ever heard of a triathlon? They probably know more than we think they should be given credit for in the sport of triathloning. I’ll share my parents’ insights so you can quiz your parents for additional details.

Don’t be surprised if parents don’t speak the lingo of the sport but don’t discount their knowledge on improving your results.

Here's a sampling of what my parents taught me about triathloning:

  • Respect others.

  • Never go swimming by yourself or in a public place without a lifeguard.

  • Wear a helmet.

  • Don't be afraid of getting back on the bike any time after a fall.

  • How to tell time. Triathloning is not a judgmental sport.