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Everything Learned from Teachers Applies to Triathlons

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

How much did your teachers really know about triathloning?

We really needed to pay better attention to teachers to excel in the basics of the sport early on. Teachers also shared subtleties that none of us, except the precocious students understood, until we better under social studies, mathematics, physics, genetics, and psychology; all of which play key roles in our sport of choice.

Everything I learned from my teachers apply in triathlons:

  • Play nice.

  • Play fair.

  • Follow a structured plan for the year to earn best outcomes.

  • Passing and not being left behind are strong confidence boosters.

  • Extending your arm straight above your head is a starting point to learn and show politeness to answer and ask questions. It also properly positions your arm for a powerful pull in the water.

  • Do your homework. It’s like practice before an exam.

  • Grades for assignments and test scores count for everything when rating and ranking; for tri participants it's like time results in a race.