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  • Doug Morris

Five Unique Ways to Reach Your Tri Goals Starting Today

Did the past season leave you defeated with only finisher medals, or worse, missed races instead of achieving your goals? Do you question the choices made about races, training, and coaching?

Your mind is filled with disappointment. Your body aches with pain. You’re tired of tasting defeat. And your skills remain under-developed.

Keep reading for a new approach in learning from this year’s mess to earn triathlon achievements you'll remember for a lifetime.

Let’s look at five unique opportunities for you to move from uncertainty to actions for success in reaching your tri goals.

  1. You’re a triathlete. You’re motivated by self-interest. Narcissistic? Doubtful. You’re more aligned with the traits of successful business people, professionals, and parents. Make self-biased decisions to earn your qualifying spots. Leverage them to reach a season of podiums wins.

  2. Don’t delay. Research reveals people will do more to avoid losing than to choose a change for faster performance results. If you wait, you’ll being aging up and slowing down. Quicker decisions will yield quicker times.

  3. Sign up for your choice races. Sign on for coaching. Invest time in targeted training. Once your own money is in the tri game, you’ll want to improve quicker.

  4. Play to your strengths. Pay to get others’ strengths in your skill-set portfolio. Speed, knowledge, experience or something else; all will be of value to reach your goals.

  5. Talk to pros, elite age-groupers, and experienced coaches. Sure it will costs you some time and money but key connections come with a quicker ROI.

Now you tri. Make decisions for your triathlon goals. Commit to an investment of your resources for races, a coach, your training program; and selflessly, your personal development.

Do it today before slowing down.

Do you know of anyone who missed a race because he delayed in signing up? Can you name a self-coached triathlete that missed the breakaway because he didn’t think the others would keep up the speed? Please share stories of people you know that fully developed their potential due to procrastination and lack of optimal guidance.

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