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Free Triathlon Workouts Offer

Be one of the first five (5) people to sign up as a new member for the Palm Trees Ahead's "Tri Weekday Take Away” blog postings and receive free, a personalized year's worth of Coconut Workouts for your choice of Sprint, Olympic, or a full iron-distance triathlon races.

Palm Trees Ahead Tri Coaching

Here's all you need to do for 365 days of workouts:

  1. Sign-up for Palm Trees Ahead "Tri Weekday Take Away" blog here.

  2. Request the Coconuts Workouts at the bottom of the main page in the Contacts section

  3. Provide your name.

  4. Tell us what distance of race(s) you want the workouts to focus on.

  5. Give us your 100 yard/meter swim pace, Sprint distance tri race bike pace in mph (or kph), and Sprint race run pace per mile (or kph).

Get signed up now!