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  • Doug Morris

How to Be a Complete Triathlete in 4 Weeks

Even with all your training hours do you feel something is missing your triathlon identity?

Look through this list of potential missing components. Identify areas for actions to be a complete triathlete.

How to Be a Complete triathlete at Ironman World Championship
Triathlon at Kona Hawaii

  1. Define what you want from the sport and what you want to give to the sport. If unable to express your wants, then you will be unfulfilled, unperfected, and wasting your time and energy. Triathloning is no place to get wasted.

  2. Bend don’t break – your body changes. Race conditions change. Competition changes. Technologies change. Stuff happens. Change with it. Keep to your values and strive towards your wants.

  3. Embrace Your Community -- become a member of ATHLINKS, imATHLETE, or more of many on-line groups. Join your nation’s Tri organization (US, Canada, etc.). Join a local club. Choose effectively.

  4. Hone your character traits -- your attitude carries your courage. Your style sets your perception from others. Your teaching influences others. No one cares that you were an NCAA All-American at swimming, they will respect your personality as a complete triathlete.

  5. Forge ahead -- set the pace. Push just when your competition starts to hurt. You don’t need to be alone in front to be a leader in a sport.

  6. Be passionate for the sport -- promote the sport as an ambassador. Relate to your target audience where they reside. Learn from others. Let others learn from you.

  7. Make your way along your journey to standout -- establish your process. Stick to it. Reach your goals: a podium, entry into a qualifying race, helping others along the way, volunteering, or other something else of your choice.

  8. Gain strength thru associations -- with your support family, your coach, race directors, sponsors, and your suppliers. Know who they are, what they provide, and how they survive. Communicate with them for support. Solicit knowledge, insight, and guidance from them for the betterment of you and the sport.

  9. Fit in -- you’ll never know everything about the sport. Continually learn from others. Innovate based on your unique knowledge. You may race in your bubble but no one lives in a solidary environment. Think outside the box but thrive in the tri community.

What else would you suggest?

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