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How to Excel as a Single Word Triathlete

Updated: May 3, 2018

If someone asked you to describe yourself as a triathlon with one word, what would you choose?

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Triathlon Coaching

What word is so simple yet so meaningful to you in how you train, race, and live your life as a triathlete?

The word should convey your purpose in the sport. Clarify for others what triathloning represents for you. You might use the word to guide you in race decisions. It should represent the significance of the sport in your life. It might even propel you to achieve results you dreamed about last season.

Look at the list below. Select one word that resonates the best with you as a triathlete. You want to strip away any pre-conceived complexity of the sport to allow you to focus on less to achieve more with your talents.

  • Active

  • “Clipped-in”

  • Complete

  • Confident

  • Controlled

  • Decisive