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How to Optimize Your Tri Workout Block

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Embrace your priorities. Time management challenged triathletes don’t transition well among priorities. Control how you can achieve learning objectives quicker with dedicated blocks of time for quality workouts.

How can you keep your watts up when you lowered your resistance by texting while on the bike? You can’t.

The triathlete who taps out a quick response drops his priorities of boosting speed for race day. Check the phone at the door, not in your palm, to transition seamlessly from social-to-sport, set-to-set, brick-to-brick, and workout–to-work.

Here’s the 4-step solution to optimize time management for your top triathlon workout priorities:

  1. Plan workout content.

  2. Schedule a block of time.

  3. Perform your workouts with focused attention.

  4. Seek dedicated feedback with your coach.

This will allow you free time to text your support stakeholders afterwards about the great workout you just finished.

Three-time Ironman finisher and multiple sub-3 hour marathoner, James Quinn, followed the 4-step program and adopted the following 12 guiding principles for best outcomes in triathloning. These guiding principles resulted in time well-managed for workouts and races over a successful amateur career.