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How Triathletes Can Learn from a Failed Performance

OK, you experienced a bad race. Shit happens. Do you know how to get back on your bike saddle after learning from this bad experience?

If you think only about bad race performances in a negative view, then you won't benefit from the opportunity to learn about what to do better, not to do, and race tactics to perform differently in future triathlons. If you don’t want to learn, then continue to behave like a failed triathlete who:

  • Gives excuses

  • Blames others

  • Fakes sickness, injury, or equipment failure

  • Pretends that this outcome was the plan

  • Refers back to spectacular successes

  • Wears his bitterness like a finisher’s medal

  • Forgoes acknowledging others for their performances

  • Gives up

Ready to move forward to be a Never Fails Triathlete?

A smart triathlete never fails if she learned from a race performance and applies that knowledge forward in training and her next race.

Below are seven ways to be a smart triathlete:

  1. Stay optimistic. Appreciate that learning, adapting, and hard work delivers positive results.

  2. Reflect on the past to understand what worked and why, what didn’t work and why, and how to ensure the best outcomes going forward.

  3. Evaluate the dark-sides of race performances: slow times, failed equipment, faster competitors, and more to learn how to improve without being sucked into the black holes of frustrations and disasters.

  4. Solicit knowledge from others including SIGO’s, coaches, competitors, role models, and pro’s. There is not enough time in anyone’s lifetime to learn everything to perform better on their own.

  5. Plan, execute, and improvise when needed. Go with your plan until you need to go with your gut.

  6. Feed on positive energy. Avoid or shed off bad vibes.

  7. Embrace your inner OCD in learning, training, and racing. It’s a great way to accomplish new highs. Tri it all.

Think of your own “A” race achievement. When you rose above a disappointing performance to earn a PR and podium spot (even if it’s your own family’s). Maybe your results will be at the next race since you know the tri road to the next level.

Choose to leave bitterness as the taste for others to experience instead wearing it like your finisher’s medal. Perform as a smart triathlete to earn and wear a podium medal.

What actions do you live by smart when competing in triathlons?

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