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If Covey was a Triathlete with 7 Habits

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Do you know what the habits of triathloning would look like if Stephen R. Covey was a triathlete?

Bike Leg in IM Idaho
Doug Morris biking in Ironman CDA

With inspiration from his multi-million selling self-help book classic, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, there are beneficial returns of time investments by applying his business philosophy to the sport of triathloning.

#1 -- Be Proactive

Do before being directed. Assume nothing but responsibility. Make choices instead of wishes. Learn to be a triathlete.

#2 -- Begin with the End in Mind

Destination unknown is not an actual finishing line location. Commit to your end point, milestones along the journey, and skillsets needed to complete the journey. Maybe think geographical: local races, regional championships, Nationals, or maybe the end state of international racing. Maybe you think in terms of speed. Decide to go fast with a sprint distance triathlon or fastest as part of a relay leg. If you think in distances: set goals of sprint, Olympic, half, then full. Or maybe you think in terms of things like a pool, lake, then ocean or even flats, rolling/undulating landscapes or bad ass big climbs. No matter how you think, determine your end in mind. Put in writing your personalized triathlon mission in how to start including specific milestones along your journey.