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Self-Improvement Boosts Tri Journey

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Measured improvement objectives get analyzed by athlete and coach. Quick gains deliver improved performances in the short-term. Calculated gains deliver benefits across multiple skills along an extended timeline.

Are you looking at areas of self-improvement that produce the best results for your time investment?

Triathletes who myopically focus on their best metrics may be unaware of other attractive payback performance areas that boost their strengths and speed up their overall tri results. Let’s look at self-improvement possibilities.

Choose to accept the responsibility in developing new speed and confidence. Create specific learning objectives to develop targeted skill improvements. Define milestones along your development journey to include metrics and document successes. Consider embracing the following items with a stepping mile-stone approach:

Prioritize Areas of Performance with efforts based on payback weight to benefit.

  1. Choose narrow. Go deep. Racing, swim, bike, run, or mental focus.

  2. Answer: What would you say at the end of your season in a 1-sentence success statement?

  3. Develop a plan of action of specific skill learning objectives within your performance focus to achieve your season’s success statement.

  4. Frame up plan’s parameters of what’s in scope/what’s out of scope: timeline, metrics, activities, and the “just say no’s”.