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Staying on the Positive Side

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Few things in life really go as we plan for them. So you had a bad race. If you race often enough, a bad race happens to all triathletes. Don't like it. Can't change it. Shit happens.

Stop beating yourself for things you don't control. Let it go. Move on.

Here are some thoughts of tips to embrace what you can change to minimize future deviations:

  • Quit what isn't working for you. Emphasis what does work for you. You decide.

  • Think in terms of actions over a week, not days (or hours over today's specific workout). Project out to months, not weeks. And years, not months. You may need to train but it's for a race later in the season or even next year.

  • Think about your successes to date a little, and about your future goals a lot.

  • Focus more on process of how to reach your future goals and less of what those goals are that you set.

  • Sometimes you just need a break from whatever is getting to you today. Replace it with something fun for you. Laugh. Smile. Relax.

  • Acknowledge triathloning is not everyone's sole purpose in life. Purpose expresses itself in different ways to different people.

If you race often enough, you will experience a great race.

Happens to all triathletes. Appreciate your achievement. Great job to you. Say thanks to those that helped you across the finish line. You and the others will be loving it. Be aware that self-destruction can destroy all your efforts of becoming a great triathlete. Remember your sustainability of grit will strengthen you and others around you.