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The Backdoor Brag Triathlete

Did you ever achieve the race of your life when someone congratulated you with a statement that slammed your personal moment of celebration?

backdoor brag triathlete
Backdoor Brag

Insecure people give insincere kudos to undercut successful triathlete’s performances. Here are some phases to listen for as thanks from those insufferable people:

  • You know, that’s what happened to me when I raced at Kona.

  • Here’s what Scott and Dave shared with me when at camp.

  • Mecca & Craig provided their tri secrets with me when down under during our winter, their summer racing season….

  • Can anyone recommend a place to stay/eat/train when out in Nationals this August?

  • My race time was a full 2 minutes behind the top pro today.

  • Wow, this bike would be as fast as mine if you added the newest, lightest dish wheels that hit the market last week. They are awesome!

  • That guy rode a great bike split. He out split me by at least 15 seconds under these pleasant weather conditions compared to last year’s strong winds and rain.

  • These are nicer awards than what I have in my pain cave at home.

  • That’s a super Strava time. Just behind what I posted over the weekend.

  • I’d like to workout with you sometime but I’m training for World’s this season.

  • Naw, I don’t know how much college costs. I attended on a 4-year full ride track scholarship.

Don’t be one of those guys. Be prepared and confid