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The Compartmentalized Triathlete

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Get compartmentalized to manage your time better for triathloning, personal career, and life. Live by rituals. Plan, schedule, combine, and live life within your defined world as you want to live it.

You will not be able to do everything but you can do more with less time, frustration, and stress.

Use these tactics as guidance to reach more fulfillment in your career while enjoying your triathlon hobby:

  1. Handles e-mails, texts, and tweets in defined transition periods

  2. Combines commitment with training.

  3. Understands time commitments of workout contributions and race payouts

  4. Compartmentalizes family, work, and race priorities.

  5. Prepares mental To Do list for workday & personal priorities during workouts.

  6. Breaks her days down in time chunks when building up their bodies physically and mentally.

  7. His “Day Planner” is the To Do List. There’s always more things to do. Understand when the margin of diminishing returns is reached and retreat.

  8. Workouts are defined by discipline and content like multiple course syllabuses in a semester of college

  9. Trains in scheduled workouts.

  10. Schedules time with family and friends.

  11. Lives by rituals.

  12. Trains solo unless scheduled group sessions trump necessity.

  13. Trains to time, not distances.

  14. Leverages electronics for metrics to actions not dictating reactions.

  15. Dines with family instead of at aid stations and c-stores

  16. When traveling focuses on form in short pools, LSD on runs, and lactic acid workouts on indoor bike trainers.

  17. Recovers during active workouts and sleeps when not moving.

  18. Performs best in races, and not race in workouts.