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The Git Er Done Triathlete

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Go beyond the cool equipment, the loud race kits, and post-weekend brag of training for an Ironman. Just Git Er done to achieve your race day objectives.

Triathlete swimmer in Lake Michigan
Christine Morris triathlete in the Chicago Triathlon

Performing to your maximum triathlete level is easier than others think. Even easier than earning Ironman status and sporting an MDot tattoo. But you don’t need to tell them that type of insider information.

Most non-triathletes think there are three elements of a triathlon: swim, bike, and run. Most triathletes will claim you also include transitions and nutrition. The sport in most simplistic terms include these five parts of training, plus two-parts racing: getting started and Get Er Done!

The initial barrier to getting it done is mental. The secondary barrier is motivational, to work through all the training to cross the finish line. Follow these seven steps to be a Git Er Done triathlete on race day:

  1. Choose doing, dreaming is for spectators.

  2. Connect with your supportive significant other to ensure sustainability in a relationship and in workouts.

  3. Choose your personal commitment for action: wishing, wanting, and dreaming idles action.

  4. Establish a workout routine. Get into your rhythm of consistency to eliminate another decision of when to workout.

  5. Team up with a workout buddy. Either in person or virtual partner. Hold each other accountable to finish each day’s objectives.

  6. Do workouts in a bubble. Turn off, tune in, and workout.