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Transition Lite -- Less Stuff, Faster Times

You embark on a Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run adventure race. You want to carry lite to save energy and go fast while including a stop in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Triathlon transitions are no different: Think more about what’s mandatory than what you want in the transition area.

Be prepared but not over-packed.

Lite is speed in transition.

Don’t waste time packing, unpacking, moving, and repacking stuff around your limited space in transition.

Find your spot in transitions. Unpack once. Arrange your layout to your sequential needs. Don’t play a continuous game of hide and seek. Leave space for additions without covering up your pending T2 materials.

What you need to know about Triathlon Transitions:

  • Location of your space.

  • How to layout your space.

  • What to bring.

  • How to get to your stuff at your space.