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Tri Winning Attitudes

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

"I can't" "I can tri"

(Either way, you'll be correct!)

Triathlon Winning Attitudes -- I Can Tri

I've never done a triathlon before There's always a first time

I have no opportunity to race I'll create the opportunity for me to finish a tri

My support group won't go for it I"ll include my support group to make it our race

My family won't buy into a race plan I told them why doing the triathlon is important

There's too many different sports I'll split up the race legs into childhood sports

I never swam in open water before I'll do a weekend at a coastline or lake to practice

I don't know how to workout I'll learn workouts of variety, discipline, & discovery

I don't have enough time to train I'll find time for learning to tri in my schedule Workouts last too long When I'm learning the workouts go quick

It's a time sucking hobby I will be an effective triathlete and find the time

I don’t have the proper equipment I'll figure out what I need to race and how to get it

The area where I live is bad for training I'll figure out how to simulate race conditions

I will never finish I'll give it a tri

I already tried and failed I'll give my goal another tri

I tried a half-full tri distance and failed I learned how to be successful for a full IM

The race is the wrong distance This is the perfect challenge for me

There's no way I'll finish I believe I will finish as Anything is Possible

The races are too expensive I found out how to fit the costs into my budget

Racing is a waste of money Racing is an investment realizing my capabilities

I'll injure myself I'll train with a smart plan to ensure safe body

I'm overweight I'll train to be a lean, mean, triing machine

don't have any idea how to race I'll do shorter races to learn various race tactics

I don't have the expertise I'll find a tri coach

I can't compete If I learn how, I will compete

I'll never qualify I will qualify if I never tri

I have to commit too far in advance My lead time aligns with my training program

My family won't watch an all day race We decided to make the race trip a racecation I've got other things to do on race day This Ironman is what I'm doing today, all day

It's too late to race in my life I'm ready to learn and tri something new

It's easier to be a spectator I choose to be a competitor on race day

I can't just do it I can accomplished my goal if I tri

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