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Triathlon Secrets a Coach Will Never Tell You *

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Is your triathloning mimicking your life or is your life mimicking triathloning?

Triathlon Secrets

Your time is limited while choices exceed any descent level of comprehension. How to leverage learning in life to accomplish those goals while pursuing a time suck hobby like triathloning to achieve top personal performances?

Is there a single coach to answer my questions of how? Probably not, the best coaches will guide you on a personal path so you can discover how to tailor solutions to your specific situation.

Let’s take a look at sample questions for you to answer with suggestions on next step choices.

  • What are your goals? Set your goals to soar high. Work with a wing man. And be stealth in your training.

  • What may happen? Expect others to question your talents, commitment, and ultimately results.

  • What’s the best approach for consistency? Be repetitive without being redundant to enhance your race skills to boost race performance outcomes. Same with life

  • Will I be a fake? Of course not. Be yourself, not a clone or what others think you should be.

  • Should I go all in? Engage your body, heart, head, core, and relatives into your sport to fully excel.

  • What’s in scope? You decide. Race like drone on a specific mission, not like a fighter on a strafing mission.

  • Is this an individual life or do I work as a team? Know when to get energized by others and when to infuse energy in others.

  • Do I choose quality or quantity? It is not the number of kilometers raced but the number of races you did your best that you will always cherish and be respected for at the end.

  • What should I expect? Sometimes you follow, sometimes you lead, always learn and always share what you learn. Exit gracefully when done. This will lift the level of the whole sport upwards.

Answer these questions in detail for your life’s guidance and to set a journey for triathloning to achieve your milestones.

Becoming the best is about never being satisfied with what you've done. It's about continually improving who you are.” – Benjamin Hardy

What other questions should you ask a coach, SIGO, coach, or someone else you look up to as a guiding light?

*And you will never figure out on your own.

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