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Find Out About the Secrets of Motivation

Updated: May 3, 2018

Our family attended the Illinois Special Olympics State meet a few weekends ago and I learned more about motivation and positive mental attitudes than I did in over five decades of racing. You’ll arrive wanting to support their endeavors and leave wanting to adopt their unique approach to sport and life.

If you want to experience how motivated athletes are with the deck of physical athletic cards stacked against them, then attend a Special Olympics Championship. The athletes participate because they can, want to, and excel in multitude of different sports.

Haley Morris Caroline Morris in Bloomington, IL
Illinois Special Olympics Winners

Ask any competitor, “Who won?”

They’ll respond, “We won.”

“Who had their best time?”

“We did.”

“Who’s going to win next time?”

“We will.”

Your rational mind’s inclination is to correct them and tell them otherwise but you would be wrong.