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You’re an Ugly Triathlete if:

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

  • People who think you’re an ugly triathlete are always wrong.

  • You know more than most.

  • You voluntary tell others how to get better.

  • Pointing out others’ weaknesses in their sport before encouraging them with their successes, strengths, and what they do right.

  • Only earning All-American status really matters.

Don't be one of those guys
Ugly Triathletes

  • You think the sport is full of wanna be pros.

  • Teammates are competitors, not someone you can learn from to get better.

  • All others lose when you win.

  • You don’t, or at best reluctantly, acknowledge competitors’ successes.

  • You diss others who are not of your caliber.

  • You don’t think anyone is of your race caliber.

  • The stories you tell focus only on your race or any other previous races you did.

  • Your enemies outnumber race finishers.

  • Whatever bad happens to you is the other guy’s fault.

  • You’re never responsible for a poor triathlon race performance.

  • You tell others how good a triathlete you are in the first 15 minutes of meeting them.

  • You use brownnosing of the RD to gain an edge.

  • You think you’re the best triathlete and all others are MOP to BOPer’s.

  • Telling others everything you know about the sport and never listening in return.

  • You always have an excuse for a poor race. (If you need one now see the possibilities here: )

  • Drafting during racing is acceptable.

  • You talk down to other triathletes.

  • You don’t thank volunteers for enabling your sporting addiction.

  • You think you do the sport all on your own.

  • You think the officials are always against you.

  • You think anyone who beats you is on PED’s.

  • You think the IM tattoo on your calf is the best ink in the world.

  • No one wants to rack their bike beside yours.

  • You are on PED’s.

  • You draft.

  • You don’t care if you piss off others at the risk of having poor race performances.

To recap: You’re an ugly triathlete if you didn’t identify to anything listed above………..

Don't be one of those guys.

Palm Trees Ahead

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