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Your Tri Race Report's Title

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Trying to think of the title of your next Race Report? Save time by using your name to determine the title with the use of the “Tri Race Report Title Generator”.

Triathlon Race Reports at Palm Trees Ahead, LLC
Triathlete Race Reports

Start with the first letter in your name and align to the alphabetically ordered letters down the far left vertical axis. Circle content at the intersection of Column #1 and the appropriate Row for the letter. Next, your second letter gets aligned to Column #2, again circling content at the defined intersection. Everybody gets the free word of “triathlon” as the third word. Continue for 8 letters. Also, be sure to select the appropriate possessive pronoun that gets slotted just before Column #8. Here's an example for triathlete, Steve Jones:

Need more letters in your name? Add your formal name, middle name, nickname, or even the name others mistakenly called you years ago. If you don’t like that title, then use someone else’s name. Or make up a name, decode it, and use that title. Or just enjoy seeing all the possibilities in this week’s fun addition of the Tri Weekday Takeaway.

You find this too much work? Does the reading quality suck? Looked clear until posting. Want to see the clear version? Want to key in all your tri teammates’ names? Send me a note and I’ll send you Excel file generator. Way cool!